2pcs Breathable Mulberry Silk Face Cover, for Both Adults and Kids

Options: for Kids
Color: Mixed (mark colors in order)


- Material:
100% Mulberry silk feels smooth, give you the most comfortable face & mouth protection experience, anti UV and dusproof, will ease the stress/ striae/ allergy left by medical mask/ respirator by putting it underneath.

- Set includes:
2 Silk face cover with random colors (please mark the colors you like, I'll try to ship it as the color you want but can't guarantee, pink, ivory pink and gray are now available for kids)
1 Gift Box

- Shipping
Please make sure the address you provide is the most proper one for delivery, better double confirm with your local post office or DHL if your address is within the delivery coverage, and please do leave your contact number for shipping safety and convenience in this special period, thank you!

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